At IKKA Steel, we work to provide you a specialised service for your business or domestic purpose across Regional Western Australia. At IKKA Steel we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and the provision of prompt, reliable and efficient service to ensure all Steel Fabrication are completed on time to your specification.

Our personnel are trained in all facets of the industry, inclusive of ticketing in Forklift, EWP, Craneage, Rigging and Dogging along with Poly Welding experience.
Contact Keith or Glenn on (08) 9091 6777 to discuss your next project, or use our online Contact Form.

Recent Projects


  • North Orchin Maintenance Platform
  • Fabrication of Heavy Duty Plate Rack with Ladder and walkway
  • Crusher cone inserts with Liner Plates
  • Rubber lined Gravity Circuit Feedbox
  • Varied workbenches
  • Design and fabricate chair trolleys
  • Design, fabricate and install 5m x 5mm 2 part pull out stage.


  • Ballastrauding and Handrails
  • Aluminium stair blocks.